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Company profile

Honor Insight Iot Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which is devoted to the research and development of the key technology innovation of the Internet of things and big data and the promotion of industrialization, and then to enhance the intelligence level of enterprises and enterprises. The company aims at "simple, trustworthy, open and win-win" and always helps the government and enterprises to achieve efficient information management. Headquartered in Dongguan, Shenzhen has R & D centers and has established marketing and sales organizations in many cities.
At present, the company mainly provides intelligent city lighting management system based on Internet of things, photovoltaic power generation off network and grid connected system, environmental monitoring system, intelligent city platform, private cloud building and other services. It has rare hardware and software solutions, supply chain channel integration capabilities, data value development capabilities and complete vertical service genes. Focus on four major subdivisions of smart photovoltaic, intelligent community, smart site, and intelligent agriculture, and gather a batch of professional background personnel from Baidu, HUAWEI, Tencent, Jinli, Yang Zhi, CISCO, etc., in product planning, large data analysis, hardware access, UI design, mobile opening, cloud architecture construction, system integration and number. According to the experience in products and applications.



  • * the purpose of the company:

    aims at "simple, trustworthy, open and win-win".
  • * the spirit of the union of honors and things:

    is pioneering and innovating and making progress. It is a lifelong pursuit to beauty.
  • * the view of the joint value of the honors and things:

    honesty and trustworthiness, solidarity and mutual help, creating value for customers is the value of our existence and development.
  • * the blueprint of the League of honors and things:

    Always help the government and enterprises to achieve efficient information management, and green zero emission is their responsibility.
  • * quality objectives:

    1. to provide customers with good quality products 2. to strengthen enterprise production and management, finished product one pass rate more than 98%, finished product factory qualified rate 100%, customer satisfaction 100%
  • * quality commitment:

    Rong Guan all the staff agree with the quality policy of "quality based, customer first", providing first-class products, first-class service for the broad customers, and accepting customer supervision and meeting customer needs